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About the Connector

The connector pulls Metrics and Dimensions for Amazon MWS. The Insights are retrieved at marketplace and product level.


To set up the connector, access to an Amazon Seller Central account login is. During the installation the user will be asked to enter a seller ID and grant access to Amazon MWS via its API.

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Amazon MWS Google Data Studio Templates

Available Metrics and Dimensions

Product NameTEXTThe Product Name
Product NameTEXTThe Product Name (Duplicate of Product)
DateDATEThe Order Date
TransactionsNUMERICThe Number of Transactions (Duplicate of Quantity)
Product QuantityNUMERICThe Product Quantity
Transaction RevenueNUMERICThe Transaction Revenue (Duplicate of Item Price)
Item PriceNUMERICThe Price of the Item
Amazon Order IDTEXTThe Amazon Order ID
Merchant Order IDTEXTThe Merchant Order ID
Last Updated DateDATELast Updated Date
Order StatusTEXTThe Order Status
Fulfillment ChannelTEXTThe Fulfillment Channel
Sales ChannelTEXTThe Sales Channel
Order ChannelTEXTThe Order Channel
Shipping Service LevelTEXTThe Shipping Service Level
Item StatusTEXTThe Status of the Item
Item TaxNUMERICThe Tax of the Item
Shipping PriceNUMERICThe Shipping Price
Shipping TaxNUMERICThe Shipping Tax
Gift Wrap PriceNUMERICThe Price of the Gift Wrap
Gift Wrap TaxNUMERICThe Tax of the Gift Wrap
Item Promotion DiscountNUMERICThe Promotion Discount
Shipping Promotion DiscountNUMERICThe Shipping Promotion Discount
Shipping CityTEXTThe Shipping City
Shipping StateTEXTThe Shipping State
Shipping Postal CodeTEXTThe Shipping Postal Code
Shipping CountryTEXTThe Shipping Country
Promotion IDTEXTThe Promotion ID
Is business orderBOOLEANWhether or not this is a business order
Purchaser Order NumberTEXTThe Purchaser Order Number
Price DesignationTEXTThe Price Designation
MarketplaceTEXTThe Amazon Seller Central Marketplace
Sold by Amazon Business EU SARLBOOLEANIs true if the items in this order were bought and re-sold by Amazon Business EU SARL (ABEU)