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    What Clients Say

    „One reason we chose Windsor.ai is because of their independence of any publishers or media companies. It brings real transparency into our media-buy.”

    Isaac Poh
    Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Lead, Schroders

    “Windsor.ai helped us to decrease the CPA of two of our clients campaigns by 19%. The process was fast and optimisations were done with one-click after the initial setup.”

    James Ambler
    Digital Performance Director at eClicks (Google Premier Partner)

    „I have talked to 14 different attribution providers but this is the best I have seen!”

    Patrick Brown

    „Now I finally have the tools and insights to make real decisions.”

    Marian Solga
    Head of Performance Marketing Lastminute.com

    Optimize Marketing ROI

    With integrating data and using our advanced Marketing Attribution Software for better insights. Improve marketing ROI 15-44% with multi-touchpoint attribution analysis (MTA). Measure ROI for every channel, campaign, keyword and creative.

    • Automate and Connect
      Automate and connect all your marketing data and minimize time that you spend on integrating data. Focus instead on the insights and optimizations. With our advanced marketing attribution software, you can easily use all your data when needed. No more data silos.
    • Optimize Marketing with Attribution Modelling
      Analyze and optimize customer journeys across all touch-points with Windsor.ai Attribution Insights and our predictive budget optimizer. Our marketing attribution software will make you see exactly where your marketing ROI is the most profitable.
    Attribution Insights

    Optimize the ROI by Stitching Together the Customer Journey

    Data that can be joined to enrich customer journeys
    ‧ Cross-device data, eg. Criteo, Tapad etc.
    ‧ CRM data for offline conversions, returns and cancellations
    ‧ TV and offline campaign data

    Attribution insights empowers advertisers and marketers to make data-driven decisions on marketing budget allocations across the entire customer journey. Customer journey data is matched to cost-data, this together with multi-touch attribution enables a ROAS for all touchpoints.


    Optimize Marketing ROI

    Regarding campaign performance and optimization its always best to get an independent view. Be it about attribution modeling, marketing mix modeling or campaign optimization, our Marketing Attribution Software has you covered. We can merge online and offline customer journeys to give you the full picture of which marketing investments are performing well.

    See with Clarity


    Our tools and connectors also provide you with automated optimization improvements.


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