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About HubSpot

HubSpot offers a CRM and inbound marketing software which helps companies to manage sales, marketing and customer service. It’s key features are blogging and search engine optimisation, advertising data integration and customer relationship management features such as customer support and account management.

About Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a cloud based data warehouse. It allows flexible scaling and is a commonly used Platform as a Service solution.

HubSpot metrics and dimensions available for streaming into Google BigQuery

EmailTEXTEmail address of the contact
Lifecycle StageTEXTLifecycle stage of the contact
First NameTEXTFirst name of the contact
Last NameTEXTLast name of the contact
Company NameTEXTCompany name of the contact
Phone NumberTEXTPhone number of the contact
Last Modified DateDATEDate when the object was last modified.
Created DateDATEDate when the object was created. Easily connect HubSpot to Google BigQuery

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