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Finally, all your advertising cost data from Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing,... in Google Analytics

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All your advertising data where you need it

Your data is synced every 8 hours to make sure you have fresh data when you need it.

Spend less time on manual cost uploads

Simply connect all your non-Google advertising channels and power up Google Analytics with all the data you need.

Supported Advertising Platforms

adwords 2
Google Ads
An advertising service that helps companies attract new website visitors
bing 4
Microsoft Advertising
Microsoft Advertising is a service that provides pay per click advertising
twitter 2
Twitter Ads
A microblogging and social networking service
tiktok small
TikTok Ads
A social media advertising service
app nex
AppNexus Programmable Platform
A customizable DSP that leverages advanced machine learning
The Trade Desk
DSP for precision targeting across display, video, mobile, native, audio and TV
RTB House
Helps internet retailers serve personalized advertisements through retargeting
facebook logo 2
Facebook Ads
A social media advertising platform
LinkedIn Ads
A social media network focused on professional relationship, business listings, and employment opportunities
adroll 1
AdRoll is an advertising platform that helps companies grow revenue through seamless marketing and ads
criteo vector logo
Helps internet retailers serve personalized advertisements through retargeting
campaign manager logo 2
Google Campaign Manager
Simplifies advertising campaign management, from media planning to reporting
Google Display & Video 360
Google’s DSP, allowing advertisers to buy inventory from publishers and ad exchanges
The world's leading discovery & native advertising platform

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