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    Matthias Kraaz

    If you track lead, opportunity and sales outcome in a CRM you can automatically update the records in Windsor.ai using our API which can be called through tools like Zapier, IFTT, …

    This helps you to optimise your marketing campaigns for CRM outcomes and real ROI metrics including cancellations. Then you can see which campaigns and touchpoints in the customer journey are important in bringing the profit and high-quality leads.

    Prerequisites for using Zapier to automatically update records in Windsor.ai:

    • Windsor.ai subscription with CRM integration
    • Zapier Premium
    • Windsor.ai API token

    Here are the steps:

    1. Connect Zapier to your CRM (Salesforce, Marketo, Active Campaign, etc.)
    2. Normalise date times to a the YYYY-MM-DD format (example: 2020-04-22)zapier integration 1
    3. Create a Webhooks by Zapier and select Custom Request.zapier integration 2
    4. Customise the request using the following parameters
      1. Method: POST
      2. URL:https://api.windsor.ai/[CLIENTNAME]/batch/[CLIENTNAME]_attribution/public/crm_conversions?api_key=[APIKEY]
        Important: Replace [CLIENTNAME] with your client name and [APIKEY] with your API key
      3. Data:

                "order_date": "[Order Date in YYYY-MM-DD format]",
                "crm_type": "[Stage/Country]",
                "transaction_id": "[Transaction ID]",
                "net_revenue": "[Transaction Revenue/Value]"

        Important: Replace [Order Date in YYYY-MM-DD format] with the date you have processed in the earlier step client name, [Stage/Country] with the Conversion Type / Country you would like to have in the dashboard, [Transaction ID]with the transaction_id you have for the conversion and [Transaction Revenue/Value]with the value which you would like to associate with this transaction.

      4. Headers:Content type: application/jsonzapier integration 4Of course, here it makes sense to use variables from the CRM wherever possible

        zapier integration 5


    5. Test the Zap and turn it on once the tests pass
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