Optimise marketing ROI with integrating data and using advanced attribution modelling for better insights

Focus on growing your business and not your data. Improve marketing ROI with 15-44% with multi touchpoint attribution analysis (MTA) connected to marketing and sales data.

What Clients Say

Now I finally have the tools and insights to make real decisions.

Marian Solga – Head of Performance Marketing Lastminute.com

I have talked to 14 different attribution providers but this is the best I have seen!

Patrick Brown – Flintanalytics

Windsor.ai provided much more than we expected! The technical insights combined with the business-acumen and data-expertise were exactly what we needed!

Urs Jaschke – Leader Digital Business Development

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Get an independent and objective view

Supercharge your existing BI solution and setup dashboards consisting of all data sources in your organisation with Windsor.ai. We connect and integrate data from all your different data sources and platforms.

marketing ROI

Regarding campaign performance and optimisation its always best to get an independent view. Be it about attribution modeling, marketing mix modeling or campaign optimisation we have you covered. We can merge online and offline customer journeys to give you the full picture of which marketing investments are performing well.

See with clarity

Our tools and connectors also provide you with automated optimisation improvements.

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See Windsor.ai in action