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Why We Do What We Do

I’m Niklas Kolster, Windsor Group’s CEO. I’ve worked as a data scientist at a number of successful organizations. For over ten years, I’ve delved deep into data for companies like Accenture and eBay.

But I’ve long had an interest in opening another business. I launched Finland’s first Voice over Internet Protocol company in 2003, and it was such an exciting experience. I got to connect with clients directly. I got to build solutions to business needs. I helped the people I met succeed with tools that I can say, with pride, I bootstrapped and grew with a team of dedicated professionals.

I wanted to capture that excitement again. To do that, I needed to create something that played to my skills (data integration and attribution modelling in our modern marketing world) and resonated with the industries I worked with.

Getting these tools running was never the hardest part. Integrating these tools and extracting insights are where the real difficulties can be found. And making all the pieces come together is what I wanted to do.

So in the spring of 2017 I founded Windsor Group to realize my dream. I had moved to Zurich some time back for a job, but fell in love with Switzerland. It’s a beautiful country in the heart of Europe, and I love skiing the Alps!

Zurich, naturally, became the headquarters for my business. I began on my own with a little programming help from a colleague, and since then it’s been an incredible journey. I’m proud to say that after only a few months, Windsor.AI’s team is now fifteen people strong. This past summer, we opened an office in Singapore; an exciting country with so much happening there in international commerce. We’ve taken on a number of clients, big and small, and look forward to seeing this business continue to grow!

Datapoints per day
Optimised adspend
Improved ROAS

What Customers Say

Now I finally have the tools and insights to make real decisions.

Marian Solga – Head of Performance Marketing

I have talked to 14 different attribution providers but this is the best I have seen!

Patrick Brown – Flintanalytics provided much more than we expected! The technical insights combined with the business-acumen and data-expertise were exactly what we needed!

Urs Jaschke – Leader Digital Business Development, AMAG


Featured customers

I would be delighted to discuss anything about harnessing your business’s data to help it grow, too. Whether it’s attribution modelling, data integration, marketing mix modelling, or something else entirely, I’d like to hear from you. Drop us a line at or use the contact form below.

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