powerbi multi channel attribution dashboard

Microsoft Power BI Web Multichannel Marketing Attribution Dashboard Template

This Web Multichannel Attribution dashboard helps you to integrate all your performance marketing data into one place. By default it connects to your analytics data set (Google Analytics) and connects them with your media data from: Facebook Ads Google Ads LinkedIn Ads Bing (Microsoft) Ads Once it’s all connected you can then get an understanding…

ppc planning template roas

Google Sheets PPC Planning Template for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, …

If you’re looking to adjust your media buys it pays out to simulate outcomes. This Google Sheets PPC Planning Template can help you with your media planning. Simply connect your marketing sources and get started. This template focuses on ROAS based outcomes.   During the current crisis many media buyers have to adjust media buys…

excel channel mix overview

Excel Marketing Reporting Template for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, …

If Excel is your preferred reporting tool, do check out the Excel Marketing Reporting Template. If you’re buying media across channels, this template connects all of your data together into a single report. The standard template covers the most common channels and metrics. Modifying it to add additional channels is straightforward and doesn’t take you…

google ads vs facebook ads dashboard

Google Data Studio Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads Dashboard Template

Our Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads Dashboard Template for Google Data Studio helps you to get a simple one page overview how Google Ads and Facebook Ads perform. Data from Google Analytics is blended with the costs from Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The dashboard provides insights on a channel and campaign level. You can…

Multi Channel Overview Template

Google Analytics raw, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, CRM and Windsor.ai data into Google Sheets (incl. template)

Google Sheets is a powerful tool. When it comes to importing and connecting all the available data for marketing reports it is the go to solution for many marketers. It’s very easy to do simple data cleaning like date transformations and removal of unwanted subsets of data. This is often done as a step before…

March 2020 Release CRM App Attribution Media 1

Windsor.ai – March 2020 Release: Hubspot, Zoho, AdRoll, Branch.io connectors

In this release we cover three topics: Integration with additional CRM systems App attribution Media connectors Integration with additional CRM systems Connecting CRM with analytics data is still an abstract topic for many marketers. However, with increasing digital spendings it’s natural that attribution is getting more attention in the C-Suite. We have listened and developed…

powerbi multi channel attribution dashboard

Microsoft Power BI Multichannel Marketing Attribution Dashboard Template

Our Multichannel Attribution dashboard provides simple insights about paid and non-paid media performance. You can see top-level data from all your channels Google Ads Facebook Ads LinkedIn Ads Bing Ads and understand their contribution to your marketings goals. It includes reporting on all channels on a Channel Groupings level to make it easy to understand…

table definitions

Windsor.ai table definitions

Table of contents Overview Attributions and costs Conversions Overview In this article, you’ll be able to find information and answers to the data structure. After setting up our platform, you’ll have access to the data through a dashboard or through the API. Below, you’ll find all the tables, their columns and metrics we make available…

november 2019 release windsorai

Windsor.ai – November 2019 Release: Google Analytics 360 View Through Conversions

Capturing view-through conversions is not easy. Advertisers and marketers using Google Analytics 360, also known as Google Analytics Premium, have impression tracking available (if enabled). Our November 2019 release helps the larger advertisers and publishers we work with to merge the impression-and click-stream data (across paid and organic activities) from Google Analytics 360 and apply…

data studio multi touch attribution

Data Studio Multichannel Attribution Dashboard Template

Our Multichannel Attribution dashboard provides simple insights about paid and non-paid media performance. You can see top-level data from all your channels. This dashboard integrates with the following sources Google Ads Facebook Ads LinkedIn Ads Bing Ads   It includes reporting on all channels on a Channel Groupings level to make it easy to understand…

Top 3 lead generation experiments

Top 3 Lead Generation Experiments

The world is changing at a pace faster than ever. Humans’ ability to adapt to technological change is increasing, but it is not keeping pace with the speed of scientific & technological innovation.   As Thomas Friedman notes in his book Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of…

Attribution modelling

What is attribution modelling?

Here in this video we take a look at what is attribution modelling.   The video is quite basic but covers the basic aspects and also why attribution modelling is important.   Here we go more into the different models https://www.windsor.ai/list-of-attribution-models/ And here is wikipedia’s definition of attribution modelling: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attribution_(marketing) Though the definition there as…


Club Med chooses Windsor.ai for machine-learning attribution modelling and optimisations after seeing ROI uplift of 34% during a pilot

Singapore, 24 October 2019 – Club Med, a company specialising in all-inclusive holidays, has selected attribution modelling and data integration company Windsor.ai to provide regional insights and optimisations after a successful pilot. The optimisations will cover 7 markets, including Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan. The decision to onboard additional countries onto the…

how to evaluate retargeting vendors

How to evaluate your retargeting vendors?

Retargeting ads, also known as remarketing, are gaining momentum in the paid media arena. According to Baymard.com 69.57% of online purchases are abandoned at the shopping cart. Remarketing can be a strong influence to reengage and help to close the deal. The emphasis here is on the word help. From our experience, remarketing plays really…

Billiger de logo.svg

Billiger.de api and advanced customer journey analysis

  Price-comparison sites like billiger.de, toppreise.ch and comparis.ch can be very profitable marketing channels. This is true especially in e-commerce, but also some other competitive industries. The billiger.de api is not necessarily required even though it helps with optimisations and automating the data-flows. The attribution modelling and measuring the marketing ROAS based on multi-touch attribution…

api query documentation

API Documentation

Windsor.ai API Query Documentation Overview Many of our users have been asking about visualising data in Data Studio, PowerBI or Tableau. Some also asked to be able to pull data into R or Python. We are therefore publishing an API to support connectivity into any tool. Later we will also support not only pulling data via…


How to benefit from marketing attribution

Marketing attribution is surfacing in marketing discussions more and more. Marketing attribution arrives with the promise of solving an old problem. How to know which half of the marketing budget is wasted. It was famously John Wanamaker who coined the phrase first. However, marketing attribution is complicated. Attribution is not complicated because of the algorithms…


How to optimize your PPC marketing

That is something quite many of us would like to do. CPC’s get more expensive constantly so therefore getting the most out of the budget is important. For those interested in more background on PPC marketing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pay-per-click Google is getting quite smart about understanding what kind of clicks are valuable to the user (=the searcher…

salesforce crm to google analytics online offline customer journey

Connecting Salesforce CRM to Google Analytics

Salesforce, without mincing words, is one of the best (if not the best) customer relationship management platforms used by CRM experts the world over. Its importance in the overall improvement in customer service, creating efficiency, managing database, fostering better communication with clients and other well-documented benefits cannot be overlooked. On the other hand, Google Analytics…

Windsor.AI is in the list of top 15 the most important Marketing Attribution Vendors

Windsor.AI: A Top Marketing Attribution Vendors

Research and Markets has named Windsor.AI as one of the TOP 15 major vendors offering multi-touch marketing attribution software and services worldwide. This list is based on an in-depth competitive analysis of key players in the marketing attribution software market which looks into their company profiles, recent developments, and key marketing strategies. With the growing number of marketing…

essential Marketing Performance Terms

The Marketing Performance Glossary

With the passage of time and advancement in business technology, digital marketing services are becoming the forefront channel for businesses to promote themselves and acquire new customer’s. From a small 15 person company to enterprises with over 5000 employees, digital marketing has become ever essential. As digital marketing continues to introduce new terms as a…


Automatically Optimise Ads Bids, with our Google Ads Bids Optimiser

Windsor.ai has been successfully providing data-driven insights on good-performing vs. bad-performing campaigns for enterprises globally. Our attribution modelling software utilizes advanced Machine Learning (ML) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to scour heaps of marketing big data to uncover real marketing intelligence. With our growing user-base and need for automating the bid optimisation processes, we have…


How we made 40 000 000 CHF more in profit than Siroop

The performance marketing and attribution modelling startup I founded likely made 40 million CHF more in profit than Siroop in its first year. As you maybe heard Siroop is now being folded into microspot: https://www.blick.ch/news/wirtschaft/coop-uebernimmt-komplett-swisscom-gibt-onlineshop-siroop-ch-den-schuh-id8244357.html   This isn’t because we did anything particularly remarkable.   Typically our clients improve their marketing ROI 15% or more. We focused on…