What is data-driven marketing?

Data-driven marketing is the method that optimizes message-media mix based on several data points. Marketer leverage to understand the following: What are the needs of the customers? What customer problem does their product solve? How can the product solve it? How do they frame the message, and through what media mix reach out to the…


What is Data Transformation?

Data transformation is the process of changing data from one format to another. It is a necessary step in data integration. It could include multiple activities like removing duplicates, converting data types, aggregating multiple sources, or more.  Why transform data? One of the more common reasons to transform data is the comparison with data from…

Pinterest Ads Data Studio Template 1

Most Popular Social Media Marketing Templates for Data Studio, Excel, and Power BI

  Looking for the most appropriate social media marketing templates? You have come to the right place. A great template is one that makes your life easy. It takes the stress out of choosing metrics and is also easily customizable. Here we list hand-picked templates for Google Data Studio, Excel, and Power BI popular among…

google data studio tips

Google Data Studio Unlocks the Potential of Marketing Data

Google Data Studio can help collate and analyze marketing data from all sources –  Facebook, HubSpot, Instagram, and more.   How is Google Data Studio better than spreadsheets? We all love spreadsheets; they make slicing and dicing of data so easy. You can play around with data, explore endless possibilities of filtering, sorting, analyzing scenarios,…


Multichannel marketing data analysis via Python using pywindsorai

Introduction This post introduces pywindsorai, which can help you analyze your ad campaign performance over multiple channels simultaneously. Developers can use this tool to measure the performance of their campaigns, compare and contrast RoI between different marketing platforms. Being a Python library, they can then use this data directly with their favorite data analysis and…

data studio multi touch attribution 1

Data Studio Multichannel Attribution Dashboard Template

Our Multichannel Attribution Dashboard template provides simple insights about paid and non-paid media performance. You can see top-level data from all your channels. We highly recommend you start with our free trial to understand it better. This dashboard integrates with the following sources Google Ads Facebook Ads LinkedIn Ads Bing Ads   It includes reporting…

power bi facebook ads report 1

Microsoft Power BI Facebook Ads Report Dashboard Template

Microsoft Power BI Facebook Ads Report Dashboard Template Entirely Groomed Data Pipelines (channel) for Marketing unit. Try it for free>> Facebook Ads Facebook is the world’s ultimate prominent social chain, implemented with a supreme promoting network where billions of dollars are depleted yearly. Vendors like using Facebook Ads ads to influence and connect their marked…

multichannel dashboard web power bi

Microsoft Power BI Web Multichannel Marketing Attribution Dashboard Template

This Web Multichannel Attribution dashboard helps you to integrate all your performance marketing data into one place. By default, it connects to your analytics data set (Google Analytics) and connects them with your media data from: Facebook Ads Google Ads LinkedIn Ads Bing (Microsoft) Ads Connect your data for free trial >> Once it’s all…

facebook ads vs google ads report

Google Data Studio Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads Dashboard Template

Our Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads Dashboard Template for Google Data Studio helps you to get a simple one page overview how Google Ads and Facebook Ads perform. Data from Google Analytics is blended with the costs from Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The dashboard provides insights on a channel and campaign level. You can…

Excel Google Search Report Dashboard

Excel Google Search Report Dashboard Template

Cover your marketing statistics in an uncomplicated spreadsheet? Our marketing dashboard template endeavors visual and rapid illustrations that can minimize time and cultivate performance.   Excel Google Search Report Dashboard Template Highlights    You can download the sales dashboard template in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets composition.   You can also utilize the template by…

pbww chooses windsor.ai

Photobook Worldwide chooses Windsor.ai to automate data pipelines and attribution modeling

Singapore, 06 December 2020 – Photobook Worldwide, an e-commerce business that provides a unique experience in preserving meaningful memories through fully customizable premium printed photo albums choses Windsor.ai to automate their data pipelines. Established in 2005 in Malaysia, Photobook Worldwide currently hold offices in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines serving over 100…

Marketing Reporting The past present and future of reporting

Marketing Reporting: The past, present and future (templates included)

The Comprehensive Reference To Marketing Reporting For Digital Marketers, Including Tools, Templates, Dashboards, and Software Marketing is the art of spreading information to attract new customers. War is ninety percent information. Napoleon Bonaparte, French Military and Political Leader Measuring information is impacting sales is where marketing reporting comes into play. In this article, we’re going…

crm media and analytics into microsoft excel

How to get your analytics, CRM and media data into Microsoft Excel using Windsor.ai

Do you want to get all your performance marketing, CRM and analytics data visualised in Excel? To get there without spending too much of your time copy/pasting data, the instructions below will help you to set up your automated data-pipelines. You can connect to all the most commonly used platforms on the market   Google…

Google Search Console SEO Report

Microsoft Power BI Google Search Console Report Dashboard Template

This Google Search Console Report template helps you to visualize your Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) into Power BI in a few clicks. Dimensions and metrics available are Date Site Page Query Impressions Clicks CTR Average position It queries the data through our connector and makes it available in real-time. Follow the…

best google data studio connectors in 2021

Top Google Data Studio Connector – Best Data Connectors 2021

The best approach to implement your marketing data into Google Data Studio Develop cross-channel interactive reports with the Google Data Studio by incorporating Facebook, HubSpot, Instagram, and countless information. Establish your worth with a dashboard Spreadsheets are ideal for ad hoc data crunching and analysis, but your results are not pleasant to present to non-marketers.…

ppc planning template roas

Google Sheets PPC Planning Template for Google Ads, Bing ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, …

PPC report templates: Best free performance marketing reports for Google sheets   At Windsor.ai, we strive to make marketing reporting as effortless as possible for our users. In this post, we will discuss the best reporting templates for Google Sheets. If you’re looking to adjust your media buys it pays out to simulate outcomes. This…

tableau multi channel attribution dashboard

Tableau Multichannel Attribution Dashboard Template

Our Multichannel Attribution template for Tableau Desktop visualises a standard Windsor.ai data set. The target audience for agencies are clients. For internal teams this dashboard helps with a high-level overview of the marketing performance. To get more granular data, additional columns can be loaded. By default, the template contains paid and non-paid data and contains…

excel channel mix overview

Excel Marketing Reporting Template for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, …

Free digital marketing reporting templates for Microsoft Excel If you are looking to create engaging marketing reports in excel, Windsor.ai for Excel can prove to be a convenient tool to collect data from all popular marketing platforms like Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and many other similar sources into Excel in just a few clicks.…

March 2020 Release CRM App Attribution Media 1

Windsor.ai – March 2020 Release: Hubspot, Zoho, AdRoll, Branch.io connectors

In this release we cover three topics: Integration with additional CRM systems App attribution Media connectors Integration with additional CRM systems Connecting CRM with analytics data is still an abstract topic for many marketers. However, with increasing digital spendings it’s natural that attribution is getting more attention in the C-Suite. We have listened and developed…

Power BI Multichannel Marketing Attribution Dashboard

Microsoft Power BI Multichannel Marketing Attribution Dashboard Template

Our Power BI Multichannel Marketing Attribution Dashboard provides simple insights about paid and non-paid media performance. You can see top-level data from all your channels Google Ads Facebook Ads LinkedIn Ads Bing Ads Twitter Ads and understand their contribution to your marketing goals. It includes reporting on all channels on a Channel Groupings level to…

ga sampling

Sampling in Google Analytics: How to avoid it

Advanced Google Analytics users will have experienced sampling before. Especially when it comes to working with custom dimensions.   What are the ways to avoid Google Analytics Sampling In Data Studios? Sampling is one of the biggest obstructions that most data analysts and marketers have to deal with. Google Analytics, although a great tool for…

marketing attribution a general overview

What is Marketing Attribution? Definition and Types of Models

Table of contents What is marketing attribution? Why attribution in marketing? Benefits of marketing attribution List of attribution models Single touchpoint models Multi touchpoint rule based models Algorithmic or data driven models Econometric models or media-mix modelling What is a touchpoint in marketing attribution? Goal and conversions Pitfalls and common mistakes Wrapping it up What…

table definitions

Windsor.ai table definitions

Table of contents Overview Attributions and costs Conversions Overview In this article, you’ll be able to find information and answers to the data structure. After setting up our platform, you’ll have access to the data through a dashboard or through the API. Below, you’ll find all the tables, their columns and metrics we make available…